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Top Spring‘24 Sales Cloud Features to Elevate Your Sales Strategy'

In the current competitive market, Sales Numbers are very important for any company's success. All-time leader in customer relationship management, Salesforce has once again raised the bar of its new innovative features to empower the sales team. In this blog, we explore the game-changing features offered by Einstein, call exploration, seller home, map lite, and advanced AI technology in spring’24 Sales Cloud Features.

Ask Call Questions with Call Explorer Powered by Einstein:

Use the power of Generative AI to get answers to everything you need to know about sales calls. In the Spring’24 Sales Cloud feature, Einstein Conversation Insights users can ask questions directly from voice and video call records. Powered by Einstein, the new Call Explorer allows users to quickly gather information about a call, such as product mentions, deal exposure, or outstanding customer questions.

Where: This feature requires Einstein Conversation Insights and Einstein for Sales, and is available in Lightning Experience in Performance and Unlimited editions. Einstein generative AI is available in Lightning Experience.

Who: This feature is available to users with the Einstein Sales Call Explorer permission set and access to a voice or video call record.

Why: To bring up Call Explorer, use the Explore Conversation button.

Enter a speech-related question and Einstein will provide an answer.

Call Explorer provides one answer to each question. You can switch between questions using the arrow keys. Call Explorer is currently supported for English calls.

How: Turn on the feature from the Einstein for Sales page in Setup.

Drive Success with Seller Home:

Spring’24, The Seller Home feature enables sales team members to start their day with an overview of their business. It presents users with a summary of their opportunities, accounts, leads, contacts, daily schedules, and tasks. Sales cloud Seller Home empowers users to set and monitor goals, as well as provide insight into their recent listings, job activities, and Einstein's contact suggestions.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions with Sales Cloud.

Why: With more useful information available at a glance, users can get oriented faster and choose what to do next. Seller Home includes:

  • Opportunity Overview

  • Account Overview

  • Lead overview

  • Contact overview

  • Weekly or monthly goals

  • Today's Events

  • To-do items

  • Recent Records

  • Contact suggestions—identified by Einstein from a user’s emails and events.

How: Seller Home serves as the default landing page for the Sales, Sales Console, and Sales Engagement applications. This will be displayed automatically unless you have specified a personalized home page for these applications or set it as the organization-wide default. If you have made modifications to these pages, you have the option to manually activate Seller Home through the Home section in Setup. Once activated, designate the app system default as the homepage of the Sales, Sales Console, and Sales Engagement applications.

View and Set Forecasts with Forecast Groups

In the Spring’24 Sales Cloud feature, Create forecasts by grouping forecasts into segments that make sense for your business. For example, define forecasts that are grouped into specific industries or sales types. Creating your forecasting groups gives your forecasting managers more flexibility to review and predict future sales. Forecast groups are available for forecast types created in Spring '24 or later and that are based on Opportunity and Opportunity Product objects. You can continue to group forecasts by product family.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Professional, Performance, and Developer editions and Enterprise and Unlimited editions with the Sales Cloud.

Why: When forecast users view a forecast type that uses groups, they see forecast totals grouped by the values you selected in the forecast type.

Users can also filter forecast charts based on group values ​​available in the forecast type and include group value selections in forecast reports.

How: Depending on which object you use for forecasts, add custom single-selection picklist fields that represent the groups to the Opportunity, Opportunity Product, or Product objects. Ensure the picklist is available on the object page layout that your sales reps and forecast managers use.

Visualize Customers and Prospects on a Map:

Let's use Salesforce Maps Lite to schedule meetings, whether in person or electronically. In the Spring of ’24, It allows our salespeople to design better routes, cut down on unnecessary miles, and guarantee their schedule is packed with no awkward gaps. So, let's use this function to boost efficiency and achieve your goals. This tool assists us in meeting our sales objectives by displaying accounts, contacts, and leads on a map.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Performance and Unlimited editions with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Industry Clouds, and Government Cloud Plus. Not available for customers complying with Hyperforce European Union Operating Zone data residency requirements.

How: From Maps and Location Settings in Setup, select the option that enables Maps Lite. Then, your sales reps can plot as many as 50 accounts, contacts, or leads simultaneously on the map from the Maps Lite tab.

As our reps move through the available products and list views, they can easily scroll through records and load them onto the map. If reps want to further grow their business using route and schedule customization, they can ask their managers for a full Salesforce Maps license.

Build a Community of Loyal Partners with Partner Enablement Programs and In-App Guidance:

Fuel your business growth and foster brand loyalty by empowering your company partners to accelerate the adoption of your products, processes, and services in Spring ’24. Tailor your approach by providing customized programs, prompts, and step-by-step guidance on your Partner Relationship Management (PRM) site, where partners actively engage with your brand. Keep your finger on the pulse of partner progress and performance through dedicated analytics designed for partner enablement programs.

Where: This change applies to supported Experience Cloud sites accessed through Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. An Enablement add-on license and PRM add-on license are required.

Who: Only users with the appropriate permissions and who have access to partner sites can create and use programs and in-app guidance for sites. For details on the required permissions, check out the available resources in Salesforce Help.

How: In Setup, new options are available for managing permissions and related features for Partner Enablement programs and in-app guidance.

Salesforce is using advanced technology to make it easier for sales teams to understand their calls and manage their tasks effectively. It's like having a smart assistant to help you perform better in the sales game. Get 30 Minutes of Free Consultation by Impplementogy and leverage the full potential of the Salesforce platform in Spring’24.

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