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Discover the Top Features of Spring '24 in Marketing Cloud

In the dynamic landscape of marketing, Salesforce's Spring '24 release brings exciting features to the table for marketers using Marketing Cloud. The Einstein Assistant for Account Engagement stands out, leveraging AI to simplify content creation, making email subject lines, landing pages, and more a breeze. In this article, we'll explore these game-changing features, highlighting how they add a touch of simplicity and human connection to the ever-evolving world of marketing.

Generate Content with Einstein in Account Engagement

With the Einstein Assistant for Account Engagement tool in the Salesforce Spring '24 release, marketers can use smart software that allows them to do a variety of things with ease. You can create items like forms, landing pages, email subject lines, and email body content faster and with more efficiency. This tool utilizes Generative AI to streamline the content creation process, helping you save time and effort. Instead of spending excessive time pondering over content, you can use this tool to expedite the process.

Where: This feature is available in Account Engagement Advanced and Premium editions and Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance editions.

Einstein is a helpful tool that assists in creating content for emails, including draft forms, landing pages, subject lines, headlines, body copy, and more. When you start creating or modifying any of these items, the Einstein Assistant window pops up to guide you.

Be specific about your requirements to get the best results. The more information you provide, the better Einstein can assist you. Remember, Einstein utilizes Generative AI technology to aid you, so acknowledge its usage before you begin.

If you do not see the Helper window, ask your administrator to enable it in Einstein Generative AI Setup. Also, note that Einstein Assistant currently only supports English.

Another convenient feature is that Einstein stores the conversation history of the properties you work with on every account, every record, and every tab. For example, if you create an email using Einstein, you will see the history of that particular email when you edit it later. However, you won’t see that history when creating new emails.

Configure Einstein Generative AI

To utilize Einstein Generative AI for drafting forms, landing pages, and email content like subject lines and body copy, you need to enable the feature first. It's not turned on automatically, so you'll have to do it manually.

1. In Setup, search for Einstein.

2. Under Einstein Generative AI, select Einstein Generative AI Setup and enable the feature.

3. Select the business units that can use the generative AI features.

4. In Setup, under Einstein Account Engagement, select Einstein Assistant.

5. Select the business units that can use Einstein Assistant.

Use the Latest Email Editing Experience for Account Engagement

Get ready to update the email experience with account integration by trying out the new developer. Just go to your Salesforce account, view the email content record, and click 'Edit in Builder'. This time you will have a choice between a new email experience or choosing to continue using the existing one. You can make this selection whenever you click 'Edit in Builder'

Where: This change applies to all Account Engagement editions.

When: This feature will be available in the weeks following the Salesforce Spring '24 release.

Import Account Engagement Email Data into Data Cloud

If you want to personalize your marketing efforts with your email engagement data, you can do so through Data Cloud. First, you need to enable the Account Engagement connector in Data Cloud and import your data. Next, create an email engagement data flow and start using your data for personalized marketing.

Where: This change applies to all Account Engagement editions.

In 2024, Gmail and Yahoo announced changes to their spam prevention strategies. To ensure your emails stay out of spam filters and align with best practices for email deliverability, it's important to update your Account Engagement sending domains. Make sure to include a verified DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) record when updating your sending domain.

Where: This change applies to all Account Engagement editions.

Marketing is all about connecting with people in meaningful ways, and with the new features in Salesforce Spring '24, that just got a whole lot easier. Salesforce has introduced powerful tools like the Einstein Assistant for Account Engagement, revolutionizing content creation in digital marketing. These features not only simplify tasks but also add a human touch to marketing efforts. As companies navigate the challenges of the digital landscape, these innovations provide an easy way to engage with customers authentically and effectively. Get a Free 30 Minute Consultation to inquire about any specific Salesforce services or solutions you may need.

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